Recommended Martial Arts Clubs

Ippon Gym
Welcome to Ippon gym, one of the best martial arts gyms and fitness centres in Bournemouth. We’re located in the heart of Bournemouth and within touching distance of the coastline, extending the gym
Viking KAPAP
KAPAP is a modern no nonsense close quarter combat system developed by the Israeli Special Police Unit 'Yaman'. Specialist self defence classes and self defence courses for men and women who want to
Oxfordshire Self Defense
Our Women's Self Defense classes are led by a BTEC Level 3 Self Defense qualified women. They are challenging, rewarding and FUN and will concentrate specifically upon the threats and situations that
United Sport Karate Organisation
The highest grade sport karate clubs in South Wales. Karate is one of the most widely taught martial art forms. USKO Sport Karate is a combination of multi style martial arts blended with techniques
Combined Arts School of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Qi Gong
The Combined Arts School provides classes and private tuition in the traditional Chinese health and martial arts of Wing Chun Kung Fu and Qi Gong in Hebden Bridge, Near Halifax, West Yorkshire, HX7.
Monday - Costessey Class
AR Krav Maga Self-defence Training: We are an Award-winning club with a great bunch of students. We offer Adult Mixed ability classes, Women Only, Kids and Teens, Beginner Foundation Courses, Trial
WingTjun Marital Arts
Learn the art of WingTjun kung fu in Maidenhead. Classes every Thursday from 8pm to 9.30. Contact Sifu Chris tel 0780 9839527 to enrol for 2 weeks free training.
We teach IWKA Wing Tjun Kung Fu to Adults & Children - A very good Self Defence System using your Body, Mind & Techniques with no strength required. We borrow the would be attackers strength and use
The Soo Bahk Do Family Academy
First Month Free! We are a family friendly Martial arts school that specialises in the Korean art of Soo Bahk Do. Benefits include improved fitness, concentration, respect, and general wellbeing.
Simple Street Defence
Simple Street Defence was founded in 2008, the believe was that self-defence could be done by anyone, but without the restrictions of what can be taught, relying on clothing to throw with and