Recommended Martial Arts Clubs

Ippon Gym
Welcome to Ippon gym, one of the best martial arts gyms and fitness centres in Bournemouth. We’re located in the heart of Bournemouth and within touching distance of the coastline, extending the gym
Oxfordshire Self Defense
Our Women's Self Defense classes are led by a BTEC Level 3 Self Defense qualified women. They are challenging, rewarding and FUN and will concentrate specifically upon the threats and situations that
Viking KAPAP
KAPAP is a modern no nonsense close quarter combat system developed by the Israeli Special Police Unit 'Yaman'. Specialist self defence classes and self defence courses for men and women who want to
United Sport Karate Organisation
The highest grade sport karate clubs in South Wales. Karate is one of the most widely taught martial art forms. USKO Sport Karate is a combination of multi style martial arts blended with techniques
Pure Art BJJ
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes in Portsmouth, Martial Arts in Portsmouth, We teach the entire art of BJJ in our friendly welcoming lessons in a positive environment. BJJ is used in Mixed Martial Arts MMA
Satori Martial Arts
If you want to learn Martial Arts with no limits, this is the place for you. Your first session will always be FREE. We offer group session and 121 sessions! Sensei Chris holds Blackbelts in:
Warrior Academy
Our martial arts classes for children have been voted the top 5 in the UK. We have martial arts classes in Wiltshire, Amesbury, Salisbury, Corsham, Chippenham, Bath, Shaftesbury and many other
Citadel Defence & Safety Training
Citadel is a small business that specialises in Private training and corporate group training. Citadel is run by Luke Lawley, Luke has over 15 years of martial arts experience and has studied over 7
West Sussex Martial Arts
We're a modern, community-focused martial arts club based in Petworth and Midhurst that trains in reality-based martial arts. With West Sussex Martial Arts you'll learn an accredited style of martial
Whitehaven Aikido
Whitehaven Aikido are part of the British Takemusu Aikido Federation (BTAF). We offer weekly adult training classes Tue and Thu 19:30 to 20:30 at the Senhouse Centre in the centre of Whitehaven. We
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