Recommended Martial Arts Clubs

Tang Sou Dao
Tang Sou Dao is a Chinese martial art which teaches practical self defence. We focus on footwork and evasion, blocks, and hand and leg techniques. Learning Tang Sou Dao can give you immense benefits
Self Defence For Women:These run from time to time and a course of lessons can be arranged for small groups by request.
Trained at Epsom Tang sou Dao with my son Seb for about 6 years, great martial art, top sifu in Master Adam Goward, made lots of friends and learned a lot about myself and self-defence, still consider myself part of the family of Tang sou Dao.
My whole family have trained in Tang Sou and I am a 2nd Daun looking to go onto 3rd Daun. My children are confident and very well adjusted and they now thank me for this fantastic education that has taught them that if you persist you will succeed and they both have in their chosen fields of work.
Cardiff Ki Aikido
In the Art of Aikido, there is no aggression, tension or competition. Benefits include staying calm and relaxed under stress, and self-defence. Beginners classes at Cardiff Ki Aikido are for all
PCSBD Tang Soo Do
Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art focused on self-defence. Providing a total body workout benefiting increased mobility, strength, power, flexibility, stability, coordination,
St Neots Children's Karate Academy
Fusion Martial Arts have been providing the highest quality Karate tuition for Children aged 4 to 11 in St Neots for over 14 years! We believe that every child should have the opportunity to try
Flitwick Children's Karate Academy
Fusion Martial Arts have been providing the highest quality Karate tuition for Children aged 4 to 11 in Flitwick for over 14 years! ​ We believe that every child should have the opportunity to try
Ruislip BJJ
Ruislip BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is perfect for beginners, we operate a friendly environment, catering to those looking to have fun, increase fitness and learn self-defense. Easily reachable from
Bushin Martial Arts (Central London)
Kickboxing & Self Defence Classes in Westminster, Victoria, Pimlico, Vauxhall Bushin is a friendly inclusive club where anyone who wants to learn Kickboxing & Self Defence, get fit and increase their
Artillery Kai
We are a martial art gym that focuses on * Martial arts that are found to be effective in Mixed martial arts such as UFC. * Aims to be a friendly community gym. * Encourage diversity. We would like
Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu
Somerset Wing Chun Kung Fu has been operating classes in Weston super Mare and Somerset since 1992. From day one you will learn simple, direct, effective physical responses and strategies to provide
Young Spartans Self Defence York
Fantastically fun classes that give your child a huge boost in confidence. Through exciting exercises, games and drills your child will gain, build on and improve an endless number of life skills and
Shodokan Aikido Sheffield
Your first session is free, but you will have to pay £6.50 for one year's worth of insurance (which is the only joining fee!) After that, the price is £20 for four sessions or £40 per month (£20
Kicx Martial Arts
If you are looking for a facility that is all about results, then you should check us out. First and foremost we are a Personal Development Studio that helps people achieve there goals. You may be
International Linked Taekwon-Do
Kingsbury and Kenton Taekwondo teaches the traditional ITF style Taekwondo introduced by General Choi Hong-hi in the 1950s. Its senior instructors Keiron Henderson and Dipesh Mistri have trained in
Traditional Taekwondo Association Derby
TTA Derby is a WTF Taekwondo Club. We have three instructors and are part of the Traditional Taekwondo Association. Taekwondo is a korean martial art. The TTA aims to enable students to focus and
Glasgow Kickboxing
We are a not for profit kickboxing club operating in Glasgow. This means the club is run for its members, rather than as a business. All funds generated within the club are invested back into the club

Some people train sports because they want a healthier lifestyle. Some sports are trained because they are fun and exciting. However, some sports are more special, because they can actually cultivate attributes you can use in all aspects of life. Martial arts are a strange but great mix of sports and philosophy. And if you want to learn more about them or start to train them, the first thing you are going to do is looking for the best martial arts club for you. Finding a good martial arts club is not always the easiest mission. You want to find a martial arts club that offers a wide variety of martial arts to choose from and find your thing. Or you want to find a martial arts club that focuses on one specific sport that is your thing. Most importantly, you want to find a martial arts club that will provide you with more than training. A martial arts club should also be able to provide you with the philosophy and cultivate a specific lifestyle, to provide you with knowledge. A Martial arts club should be able to cultivate specific and effective attributes such as self-defense, spiritual knowledge, self-knowledge, the ability to grow and get better at all aspects of life.

Why Choose a Martial Arts Club?

When it comes to a martial arts club, you can find many options in your area. In fact, every martial arts club would differ from the rest, often offering a wide variety of disciplines, which means there is something suitable for all ages and tastes. In fact, a martial arts club can also be visited by disabled people, because most of the martial arts techniques are or can be adapted to disabled people. For example, Judo is particularly adaptable to visually impaired people and it is also the only Paralympic martial art. A martial art club will also except small children and some of the clubs are focused on training children especially. In a nutshell, a martial arts club can be visited by everyone and martial arts can be trained by everyone. Whether you want to explore more in-depth your physical limits and become stronger, or you are more into the philosophy behind martial arts, a good martial arts club should be able to provide you with all the experience and navigate you efficiently through your journey. So whenever you are looking for the best martial arts club, you are looking for more than facilities and academies.

What to Expect from a Martial Arts Club?

When it comes to the offers of a martial arts club, you will be usually spoilt of choice. A martial arts club will usually offer a vast scope of different martial arts and sports and different styles of disciplines falling in the category. However, a martial arts club can also be specialized in one particular style. It is up to you what type of martial arts club will work best for you. It is whether you want to try out different styles and find your thing, or you already know the style you want to train. However, for most parts, a martial arts club will offer a big number of different sports and you will have the time and opportunity to find the discipline that appeals to you the most. No matter what discipline you are going to choose, the common thing about all of them is that they will provide you with more than just physical balance and a healthier lifestyle. A martial arts club, especially a good one, will be able to provide you with self-growth, confidence, knowledge.

Research Before Joining a Martial Arts Club

Of course, before you join a martial arts club, unless you are not familiar with the discipline you want to train or the particular martial arts club, you want to take your time and make good research. After all, you don’t want to waste a lot of time with discipline or a martial arts club that doesn’t satisfy you and doesn’t meet your needs and requirements. Here are some of the key points you want to consider before joining a martial arts club:

• Is the martial arts club instructor actually qualified to teach the martial arts discipline? Owning a Black Belt doesn’t make a qualified and experienced martial arts trainer, therefore you want to ask to check their qualifications and certificates.

• Is the martial arts club instructor a Black belt or the equivalent in their discipline?

• Does the martial arts club have insurance in place? Are all the members of the martial arts club properly insured?

• Has the martial arts club instructor have all First aid qualifications?

• Are all costs and fees charged by the martial arts club clear from the beginning? Consider carefully whether or not you want to join a martial arts club that is reticent to give you all the information about costs and fees before you join the club.

• Make sure to ask how many years the instructor has been training, for how long they have taught classes on their own and for how long they are teaching at this particular martial arts club.

Research for Children’s Martial Arts Club

When it comes to choosing the right martial arts club for your child, there will be some additional aspects you want to consider before your child joins the martial arts club. Here is what to ask and consider in addition to the aspects mentioned previously in this article:

• Can you stay and watch your child’s first class and maybe the rest of the classes? A reliable and reputable martial arts club will hold nothing against you staying and watching, if this makes you and your child feel more comfortable and safer.

• Is your child going to join a mixed martial arts club with classes with adults or a specialized class for children?

• A good martial arts club for children will cultivate a lot of discipline, but it will also be fun and exciting.

• Has the martial arts club instructor taken all specific training courses for coaching and teaching at a children’s martial arts club?

Why choose a martial arts club?
What to expect from a martial arts club?
Research before joining a martial arts club
Research for children’s martial arts club
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