Young Spartans Self Defence York

As parents, all we ask for our children is that they are healthy, happy and well adjusted. We understand that the quality of life a child receives during his/her early period will have a significant impact on their adult lives. So we are here to guide your child towards empowerment physically, mentally and emotionally. We are super passionate about teaching children how to look after themselves, through our classes your child will gain the ability to comprehensively look after him/herself if he/she needs to, by becoming aware of potentially threatening situations and how to avoid them.

Our Children’s Self Defence, Awareness and Safety Programme:

  1. Improves physical fitness and coordination, concentration, discipline and respect.
  2. Develops confidence and determination.
  3. Develops communication, listening and social skills.
  4. Awareness of danger and gentle solutions to bullying and rough play (supporting schools anti-bullying policies).
  5. Healthy eating and Keeping Safe (in accordance with guidance given by NSPCC).