Dynamic Tiger Freestyle Kickboxing
Grapple Strike Takedown Martial Arts, or GSTMA as we like to call it, combines a number of different martial arts styles, taking the most effective techniques and breaking these down into three
We provide insight, opinion and advice, especially for parents of Karate-ka. Karate is a hugely popular martial art in England, enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. With many styles to choose
Matt Fiddes Martial Arts
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned martial artist, our team is highly trained to assist you in effectively reaching your goals. Conveniently located in the heart Surrey (Wonersh & Cranleigh) and
Aldershot Karate Club
The Aldershot Karate club was formed in 1978 by its current senior instructor Sensei Barry Wilkinson. The club is a member of the England Wado Kai karate association which boasts a membership of 50
Nova Forca BJJ
The Colosseum Gym is part of Colosseum Sports Ltd. It consists of The Colosseum Martial Arts Facility and Gym, The C-Fit Recreation and Performance Centre and Crossfit Ground Breaker. The Colosseum
Kaizen Karate Academy
We affiliated in 2004 with Longford Karate in Wales and Chief Instructor for Longford Karate, Sensei Marten Hughes to form a very strong Affiliation (Longford, Kaizen, Karate Do Wado). To teach good
Tae Kwon Do West Sussex
Taekwon-Do (TKD) is the fastest growing martial art in the world, and it's not just because it teaches you self defence. Taekwon-Do in West Sussex is an excellent way to develop healthy bodies &
Ard Schools Of Kickboxing
Looking for a friendly boxing and kickboxing gym offering a wide range of classes from World Class instructors? Or personal training to accomplish your goals? Whether you're a complete novice or a top
Precision Martial Arts
Here at Precision we teach practical day to day skills necessary to produce MASSIVE CHANGES IN YOU & YOUR FAMILY. We are one BIG, happy family and with safety as our primary concern, you are in good
Guildford Academy Of Martial Arts
Welcome to the official website of the Guildford Academy of Martial Arts. We're a full-time Martial Arts and Fitness Centre based just off North Street in Guildford, Surrey. Come and experience our