Guildford Karate Club

The Guildford Karate club was formed in 1974 by its current senior instructor Sensei Barry Wilkinson. The club is a member of the England Wado Kai karate association which boasts a membership of 50 clubs based in the South of England and practices traditional Wado Kai karate. Karate helps build coordination, agility, strength and poise. The confidence gained through training helps foster a strong positive self image. Wado is a traditional form of karate, and is one of the 'softer' styles, meaning that it does not rely so heavily on physical strength, making it accessible to students of all ages.

At the heart of Wado karate is the goal of self improvement. Students are not judged against their peers, but by their own progress. Because of this, no one is too old, young or unfit to start. We practice a 'non-contact' form of karate, so attacks are controlled and stopped before they hit the intended target, so beginners can train without fear of injury.