Guildford Seiki-Juku Karate Club

In the more settled times that followed, Karate became a course of exercise valued for its health and character building. After entering our school of Karate each student is expected to train diligently so as to become strong enough to fell his enemy with a single blow. Karate-Ka (student) within our group must be physically very strong, but must also develop their mental powers (Kokryu). In order that nothing may ever over-awe them. Classical Karate is at first a means of combat, a means by which by which the exponent defends himself or his family.

However, by a process of repetitious training he also cultivates a morally correct state of mind. The true understanding of Karate-Do may only be understood after one engages in sufficient rigorous training. Championship tournaments of any type have no place in real Karate. The results of a real challenge would end in serious injury. Thus contest becomes artificial combat.