PKA Kickboxing
Providing the best quality kickboxing training for all ages and fitness levels in the Amber Valley area. We recognise everyone's reasons for starting martial arts vary. We aim to deliver a wide
Marsden Martial Arts
We will bring the diamond out of you, helping you to lose weight, develop muscle tone, whilst giving you the discipline to feel safer, confident and more energized. You will notice outstanding
Burbage TaeKwon-Do Academy
Building a strong mental attitude for a positive outlook on life. Enjoy learning a Martial Art, gaining awareness skills, having the advantage of being able to defend yourself. A big well done to all
Martial Art School
The Martial Art School - Nottingham was founded in 2003 by Sensei Ilja Hoffmann, who is one of the most experienced martial arts instructors in the Nottingham area. For the first three and a half
Traditional Taekwondo Association Derby
TTA Derby is a WTF Taekwondo Club. We have three instructors and are part of the Traditional Taekwondo Association. Taekwondo is a korean martial art. The TTA aims to enable students to focus and
Lowfields Shukokai Karate Club
Chojiro Tani began teaching the Karate style Shukokai (meaning the way for all) at a dojo in Kobe, Japan in 1946. Shukokai was designed around the study of body mechanics, is very fast due to its
School Of Hope & Glory
Under Sifu Chong he achieved a 2nd Degree Black Sash. He then commenced his training under Sifu Lewis.  Who was also a key figure head in the B.K.F.A.  But is now the Chief instructor and founder of
Midland Combat Academy
We are pleased to announce that Midland Combat Academy has a full time home at Measham Youth Club. As a club we aim to produce some of the most technical competitors that can stand toe to toe with
Kaizen No Michi
You must learn through your body, enduring pain and anguish as you strive to discipline and polish yourself. You must believe that if others can do it, you can do it to. Kaizen No-Michi translated
ITUK Stapleford
My name is Neil Palfreyman, I am a 3rd Dan Black Belt under the ITF and have been practicing the art for over 20 years now, under the tuition of Senior Master Isaac Harry VIII Dan. I am a member of
Pegasus Martial Arts
Pegasus Martial Arts Club was established in 1996 by Mr E T Buckley who remains Club President. The Club is now owned by the Head Coach, Steven Hawksworth. We are well established in the Chaddesden
Gannon's Mixed Martial Arts
Our mixed martial arts classes will whip you into amazing shape, and before you know it, you'll be chiseled and fitàfirm and flexibleàand ready for anything that life throws your way! More
Isshin Dotai Aikido
Aikido is a Japanese martial that draws on technique rather than strength. It uses your attacker's own "attack" against them to execute a technique to immobilise or throw them, which is perfect for
Derby PKA Kickboxing
Are you looking for a martial arts school that caters for beginners, that puts your safety first and has a friendly atmosphere? If so we have classes that are suitable for you. Our range of regular
TVP Boxing Club
Check out a feature on the Elite Performance Academy in Nottingham in the latest issue of Combat Magazine. We also run a Boxing and Combat Club every evening from 4-8pm cost from as little as £5
Tanigawa Martial Arts
Welcome to the new website for Tanigawa Martial Arts, this new website is still undergoing construction and is a work in progress. Tanigawa Martial Arts, is the group of Judo, Karate and Aikido clubs
Personal Best Academy
The Personal Best Academy is Mansfield's No 1 Personal Development & Martial Arts Centre and much much more than just an ordinary kick & punch school! We provide our community with World Class
PJK Wado Kan
Wado Ryu karate is both faster and lighter than some other popular styles. Power is developed through the proper application of technique rather than muscular strength, making it suitable for both
Impact Combat & Fitness Centre
If you are looking to learn a combat sport, regardless if you are a beginner or an advanced, Impact Combat and Fitness Centre is the place for you. We have proven training programmes that not only
Kendojo Black Belt Schools
Kendojo Black Belt Schools teaches its students far more than how to just punch and kick. The list of ways in which an individual can benefit from our martial arts programme is endless. We have proven