Tanigawa Martial Arts
Welcome to the new website for Tanigawa Martial Arts, this new website is still undergoing construction and is a work in progress. Tanigawa Martial Arts, is the group of Judo, Karate and Aikido clubs
PJK Wado Kan
Wado Ryu karate is both faster and lighter than some other popular styles. Power is developed through the proper application of technique rather than muscular strength, making it suitable for both
Northants Crusaders Shukokai Karate
We are a small but growing club which belongs to a large organization, which offers great potential for the future; we have a realistic affordable price system with great offers for couples and
Genbukan Kenshu Dojo
Welcome to the Genbukan Kenshu Dojo website, Official Dojo of the Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation. This site offers a brief introduction to the Genbukan World Ninpo Bugei Federation and
Aikido Northampton Obelisk Club
This is why many of the techniques help form the basis of control and restraint training taught to many different professions such as the Police and Nursing. We practice in the Berrywood Hospital in
Northampton Taekwondo Martial Arts
My name is Kay Parker, and I am a 4th Degree International Black Belt instructor, and the chief instructor of Northants Taekwondo. On behalf of myself and my fellow Instructors and students, I would
Cargin Moss Black Belt
Welcome to the 'Cargin Moss Black Belt Academy' martial arts club in Northampton. Having served the community since 1982 teaching adults and children structured classes, it is our pleasure to welcome
Sei Jou Kai Ju Jitsu
The club was formed in 2013 by a small group of Ju Jitsu Black Belts led by Roger Knowles Sensei, in the centre of Northampton. Founded on the principles of honesty, integrity and hard work the club
Phoenix Martial Arts & Fitness
Welcome to Phoenix Martial arts & Fitness, my name is Sifu Joe Susans and I am the founder of Phoenix Martial arts & Fitness "Welcome". I named the school after the Phoenix because its an amazing
Taekwon-do was introduced to the world in its present form on April 11th 1955. It has since taken two distinct routes - ITF and WTF. We practice ITF style. General Choi Hong Hi, the founder, taught
Aikido Northampton
Aikido in Japanese is made up of three characters or kanji. The first and most important is "AI" which means "to meet, come together and harmonise". The second kanji is "KI" which means "the spirit
Pka Kickboxing - Northampton
Check out these additional special courses, such as Nunchaku, Advanced Kicking, Street Defence, Competition fighting. Since 1974 when the PKA unveiled modern Kickboxing into the world, Kickboxing has
Unified Fighting Systems
You've probably been looking at different websites for a couple of hours trying to make up your mind or maybe you've come here because someone recommended us. My name is Andy Gibney, I founded Unified
BCKA Headquarters
The BCKA (British Chinese Kickboxing Association) was formed by Alex Barrowman in 1996 with the purpose of enabling a group of fighters to compete at international level. A training system and
GODO Ju Jitsu
GODO Ju Jitsu was originally formed eleven years ago in 2005, when Patrick Lane-shihan, together with a group of like-minded students decided that their path was to found a martial arts club with no
SN Kempo Karate
SN Kempo Karate is a traditional Karate group based in Northampton offering quality Martial Arts and Self Defence instruction for children and adults of all ages.
Agar-Hutton Martial Arts Academy
Tai Chi for health and fitness (and self defence if a student is interested) taught in Stanwick, Wellingborough, Rushden and Chelvesten. Payment is on a session by session basis (No contracts or