Eiryukan Aikido Lincoln
If it's your first step on the path to black belt, you are looking for a change or you are here to sound out a different and dynamic martial art, we really look forward to hearing from you. You have
Lowfields Shukokai Karate Club
Chojiro Tani began teaching the Karate style Shukokai (meaning the way for all) at a dojo in Kobe, Japan in 1946. Shukokai was designed around the study of body mechanics, is very fast due to its
Japan Karate Association
We're proud to to be affiliated to and licensed by the Japan Karate Association and our Association is a full member of the English Karate Federation. Our instructors are qualified coaches, dan graded
Lincoln Kofukan Karate
We are a friendly club that is dedicated to serve its members at all levels. New members are always welcome from six to sixty years, whether a complete Novice or Senior Dan grade. We are a traditional
Our vision is to have a multi-disciplinary training centre, not mixed martial arts as you see on TV, but a true mix of martial arts who can all train without the politics that so often get in the way
Lincoln Fight Factory
We have a 3030sq/ft studio, including padded safety flooring, punch bags, speed bags, protective focus padding, a boxing ring and an MMA cage, as well as cardio and core fitness equipment. We also
Lincoln Martial Arts Academy
Wing Chun is a concept based system of fighting theory that once understood, can be applied to any style, method or approach, therefore it is without limitation. Whatever you currently practice, you
Lincoln Judo Academy
The translation of Judo is 'The Gentle Way'. Judo is an excellent sport for everyone, incorporating skill, speed, technique, stamina, strength, fitness and discipline. It also builds self-confidence