Isshin Dotai Aikido

Aikido is a Japanese martial that draws on technique rather than strength. It uses your attacker's own "attack" against them to execute a technique to immobilise or throw them, which is perfect for self defence. We practice a traditional style of Aikido based at the Multi-Faith Centre on Derby University Campus in the East Midlands. We welcome everyone from beginners to experienced people in Aikido. Our classes are every Thursday from 19:30pm to 21:30pm and Sunday 13:00pm - 15:00pm.

For more information please click the 'Classes' section. My goal in my Aikido study is to share and pass on all the knowledge that has been passed on to me by in my opinion some of the best Aikidoka in the world. These people are mentioned in the Lineage section of this site. The physical form of his study was influenced heavily from his study of Daito Ryu, under Sokaku Takeda, a fearsome martial artist and warrior.