Martial Art School
The Martial Art School - Nottingham was founded in 2003 by Sensei Ilja Hoffmann, who is one of the most experienced martial arts instructors in the Nottingham area. For the first three and a half
ITUK Stapleford
My name is Neil Palfreyman, I am a 3rd Dan Black Belt under the ITF and have been practicing the art for over 20 years now, under the tuition of Senior Master Isaac Harry VIII Dan. I am a member of
TVP Boxing Club
Check out a feature on the Elite Performance Academy in Nottingham in the latest issue of Combat Magazine. We also run a Boxing and Combat Club every evening from 4-8pm cost from as little as £5
Personal Best Academy
The Personal Best Academy is Mansfield's No 1 Personal Development & Martial Arts Centre and much much more than just an ordinary kick & punch school! We provide our community with World Class
Aquila Karate Club
We hold mixed classes every week and families are welcome. We have a strong membership who all started as beginners at some stage in their careers. Whether you choose to try this for self defence,
Dragon Freestyle
Ian began kickboxing in 1995. He achieved all his Kickboxing Black Belt/ Dan grades with Jason Dorn, President & Founder of Paragon Kickboxing Organisation (PKO). His Applied Kyusho grade was also
Clifton Shotokan
Here at Celska we focus on the traditional aspects of karate, offering instruction of the highest standard for all ages and abilities from 4 years to adult. Training under Hanshi Barker, 7th Dan, and
Shorinryu Shorinkan Karate Kobudo
To demonstrate how absolutely convinced I am that my school is exactly what you have been looking for I would like to offer you a FREE Trial membership at any of our locations. Welcome, we are
Cobra Judo Club
Open to all ages and abilities, the Olympic sport of judo can help you boost fitness levels, balance, coordination and flexibility and above all have fun! On Sunday 26 April Bailey Robinson, Danius
Ryecroft Judo CLub
Ryecroft Judo Club is one of the East Midlands and Nottinghamshire's leading Judo Clubs for Junior and Senior Judoka. The clubs reputation spans well over 50 years, being based out of the current
Middle Kingdom Martial Arts
If you are looking to learn kung fu we have a hand picked range of some of the top kung fu schools in China. Are aim is to provide a wide selection of different kung fu styles inlcuding Shaolin kung
Aim High Martial Arts
On 4 February 2012 we had out first ever class. Things very steadily expanded and we moved on to a more suitable venue in Bilborough, where we stayed until July 2013. We then found our own full time
The Tang Lang Kung Jutsu
The Martial Art known as Tang Lang Kung Jutsu is a hybrid Art, which is a fusion of Traditional Chu'an Fa Kung Fu, Ju-Jitsu, Kobu-Jutsu and Atemi-Jutsu. This has been developed by Gary Henshaw
Pro Martial Arts
Are you looking for a martial arts school that caters for beginners, that puts your safety first and has a friendly atmosphere? If so we have classes that are suitable for you. Our range of regular
Nottingham School Of Martial Arts
The Vohra Martial Arts Organisation is based in Nottingham, England. It headquarters are at the International School of Martial Arts where classes are offered in Taekwondo (Kukkiwon), Kick Thai
Nottingham based OMAC-UK is one of the country's leading Martial Arts schools having produced a number of National & International champions in different disciplines. Specialising in both, the
Aikido Shoshinkan (Lenton Dojo)
Aikido Shoshinkan is one of Nottingham's leading traditional martial arts schools. Based in Nottingham (Sneinton & Lenton) with a dojo in Derby, Aikido Shoshinkan offers quality instruction, 6 days a
Instinctive Martial Arts
Thank you for visiting! Whether you are a member already, just browsing, or a martial arts and fitness enthusiast looking for that little bit more; you can gain a wealth of information about the gym
Karate Sankukai East Midlands
Yoshinao Nanbu was born in 1942 and comes from a long line of Japanese warriors. Most of his ancestors were Samurai and his great grandfather was a Ninja. His father was a Master of Judo, In 1963 Mr
European Hapkido Alliance
Our association was founded to bring together people of every background and all ages to have fun, talk and organise events with each other. This is your opportunity to meet new friends - we're always