GP Martial Fitness
Forget the tired old mantra 'no pain, no gain'. Rediscover how much fun it is to move. Put on your happy face, and remember how excited you felt when you first decided to join the gym and get your
Excalibur Martial Arts
Excalibur Martial Arts, one of Shropshire's top martial arts schools, is a thriving, friendly, family run club based at the Bridgnorth Leisure Centre. With students from 5 to 65 years old, we provide
Young Gloves Karate
Who can start training at our Karate classes? Boys and girls as young as 5, or adults as old as 70 who like to do new and exciting things. Our specialised programs and activities are designed to
STX Kickboxing Kidderminster
Welcome to STX Kickboxing, are you interested in starting a Martial Art or do you already train Martial Arts and want to add something new to your skills? If the answer is yes then let us help you
Russell Perks Martial Arts
Russell Perks Martial Arts Academy offers a variety of Martial Arts classes suitable for all - no matter what your age, experience or level of physical fitness. Our friendly school believes in the
VERVE Martial Arts (Kidderminster)
Our super popular VERVE Wars Parties and open mat play relaunch from May and will be available in Bromsgrove, Abergavenny & Lincoln! The development of our brand has been nothing short of phenomenal &
It is of course a paradox, because outside I show something very formed, whilst on the inside I experience it as totally formless. What gives it aliveness is actually not the form - but the
Dragon Dojo Martial Arts
We are an institution based in Hereford and Ledbury where Tae Kwon-do, Self Defence & Other Martial Arts are used as a medium to develop ‘individuals' minds and physical well being. By helping
Kyushinkai Martial Arts
Chief Instructor Sam Stewart has been training students in the martial arts since the mid-eighties in the West Midlands area and, along with his fellow instructors, has now firmly established the
Bromyard Tae Kwon Do
Tae Kwon Do is still recognised today as one of the world's most powerful forms of self defence. Developed and practised by the Korean Military, it combines boxing, kicks, dodges, holds, locks and