Inclusion Martial Arts
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Kui De Tang
Traditional Acupuncture as practiced in our Worcester based clinic is a healthcare system based on ancient principles which go back nearly 2,000 years. At its core is a positive model of good health
Little Kickboxers
Our style of Kickboxing combines the heritage and traditions of English Queensbury rules Boxing along with the Oriental strikes & kicks of Karate & Thai Boxing. All instruction is given in English and
TAGB Tae Kwon Do
The Home of the T.A.G.B. Tae Kwon Do Schools in Ludlow, Leominster, Telford and Worcester. This website is currently undergoing a maintainence update and will be offline for the next week. Please feel
Tobi Ishi Kai Karate
Sensei Mark Beeby is the schools Chief Instructor and a qualified Assessor & Level 5 Coach for English Karate Federation. Mark Beeby's love of martial arts started over 30 years ago, trying his hand
Worcester Martial Arts & Fitness
I will increase your Child''s confidence, self esteem, teach them to avoid peer pressure, increase their focus at school, teach them to defend themselves, how to handle bullies, teach them life skills