Felixstowe Judo Club
Felixstowe judo club was formed at the old Deben High school during September 2008 by David Martin. With the aim to extend access and participation in Judo to the local Felixstowe community, currently
Carlson Gracie Muay Thai
We are a friendly Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts Team based in Colchester, headed by Carlson Gracie Black Belt Alain Pozo. Carlson Gracie Team is one of the country's premier Brazilian Jiu
Blackwell Academy Martial Arts
Blackwell Academy's Kids Karate classes are perfect for any child. Along side strong Karate lessons taught by our excellent instructors, every student will make friends and learn important aspects of
Martial Arts First Aid
The 100% online course is the most convenient and least expensive of the course options. This course type works best for awareness level courses that do not require a hands-on component for
Mamba Martial Arts
Mamba martial arts is not just about learning moves and exercises. We embody the martial arts culture where respect towards each other, patience and harmony are at the most important values. At Mamba
Colchester Tae Kwondo
Welcome to our club website, Colchester Tae kwon Do is a friendly family run school of Martial Arts. The sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities. The training sessions enable you to learn a
Colchester JKA Karate Club
Congratulations to Anna Cloke and Sam Price who passed their black belt test last weekend. They were examined at the JKA International Spring course at the K2 in Crawley. They were awarded their grade
Sudbury Karate
Hopefully you have joined the Sudbury club or one of our many growing clubs in the association. It is our aim as an association to offer all of our students a safe, friendly and fun environment in
Satomi Kai Aikido
Our Aikido classes take place in the centre's air-conditioned workout studio with 100 square meters of martial arts mats. Classes cost just £18 per month if attending a single class per week, or £30
Laurence Sandum's Educational Martial Arts Academy
Martial Arts is for everyone and you are never too old to start. You do not need to have a good level of fitness to start training with us; we tailor our training around the individual. And is