Sawtry World Tang Soo Do
Tang Soo Do is a Korean martial art which teaches empty hand and foot fighting, fighting forms, self-defence, and weapons. Tang Soo Do also teaches people to live a healthy and harmonious life. This
Cambridge Karate Club
At Cambridge Karate Club, we practise Shotokan Karate offering training to students of all ages and abilities. We are a fairly social bunch, and usually manage to do a few things together throughout
Cambridge Goju Ryu
Goju Ryu is a traditional style of karate that incorporates close quarters self defence partner drills alongside cardio work outs, stretching and strength conditioning. The purpose of the club is to
Cambridge Academy Of Martial Arts
High quality training, with qualified trainers, is essential to good and safe progression. Our instructors are carefully selected, and encouraged to continue their own development in martial arts.
Evolution Taekwondo
Evolution Taekwondo was established in 2003 with a vision of bringing Olympic Taekwondo to the community of Peterborough. Our full time facility has 250 plus child and adult members based at our full
Riley's Warriors
Fun Freestyle Karate classes where the family can train together and learn a martial art and self defence whilst working on your fitness. For anyone over 12 years of age. Bootcamp fitness classes are
Inner Sanctum Training Gym
We are able to offer a high level of intense training designed for you, around your needs. My gym and personal training services are for all ages and are honestly for all levels of fitness. Inner
Cambridge Zanshin Karate Club
We are a Shotokan Karate Academy with a heavy influence from Shito Ryu Karate and Yamani Ryu Kobudo. Our instructors are Steven Adams, Karina Adams and Michael Adams. Our chief instructor is Linden
Peterborough Karate Academy
Sensei Hume began his training in the martial arts at just 6 years of age, studying 'Tora Kai Karate' under the instruction of his Uncle Master Lee Nash 5th Dan and his Grandfather Master Jeff Nash
Huntingdon Karate Club
Zanshin karate club was first established in 1976, the honbu (main) dojo is in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom. Linden Huckle is the UK chief instructor and has been training for over 30
Just Karate
Just Karate offers family friendly Shotokan karate classes for children 5+ to adults. We have classes running across Cambridgeshire. Our founder and Chief Instructor is also the author of several
Adrenaline Martial Arts
The instructors here at Adrenaline Martial Arts have been teaching men, women and children for the past eighteen years across our region. We have taught literally tens of thousands of students in our
Viper Martial Arts Academy
Our Martial Arts classes here at Viper Martial Arts has to be seen to be believed. The reaction from someone viewing the room for the first night is nothing short of astonishing! Whether you are
Wisbech & Kings Lynn TSD
The exact origin of Tang Soo Do, as with most ancient martial arts, is obscure, but the ancestral art of Korean Tang Soo Do can be traced back around 2000 years. Tang Soo Do is an excellent way to get
Karate Jutsu Association
Recently, I was fortunate enough to read a first edition of Gichin Funakoshi's 'Karate Jutsu' whilst on a trip to New York. The experience alone blew my mind, but it was what was contained in the text
Bujinkan Cambridge Martial Arts
Welcome to the website of the Bujinkan Cambridge Martial Arts Dojo. We are based in Cambridge, UK and study and teach the martial art of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, also known as Ninjutsu and Ninpo
Cambridge Kung Fu
Cambridge Kung Fu exists to enhance the lives of our students through martial arts and mindful movement practice. Our mission is to assist every student in discovering ways in which to lead a happier
Stapleford Shotokan Karate Association
Due to issues with not been able to have the same night every week at the Thriplow venue it has been decided to stop running the Thriplow Club until further notice. All students are more than welcome
Katakuri Karate
We are a Traditional Goju Karate club with classes in Cambridge, Huntingdon and St. Neots. While the style is very traditional we do like to teach in a fun positive family orientated environment where
Please notice: you must join the beginners' course just if you are a total beginner. Any previous experience in striking martial arts (kickboxing, muai thai, karate, tae kwon do, kung fu, etc.) is

You have decided to start training and learning martial arts. Now, the next big question is how to make sure you are choosing the right martial arts club in Cambridgeshire. Indeed, there is not just one martial arts club in Cambridgeshire and the selection could be a challenge. However, remember that not every martial arts club in Cambridgeshire will be as good as you want it to be. Therefore, when picking a martial arts club in Cambridgeshire, you want to take your time and do a good research in order to ensure you are really choosing the right martial arts club in Cambridgeshire for your requirements and preferences. Remember, martial arts is not something you can simply learn by watching a few videos online, no matter how enthusiastic you are. Therefore, you definitely need a reliable and trusted martial arts club in Cambridgeshire that will help you explore and learn more about the physical and mental aspects of different types of martial arts. Here are a few points you want to consider when looking for the right martial arts club in Cambridgeshire.

Research a Martial Arts Club in Cambridgeshire

No matter what type of service you are interested in, you always start with good research. Choosing a martial arts club in Cambridgeshire is not an exception. In order to make sure you are picking the right martial arts club in Cambridgeshire for you, make sure to narrow down all your options after doing good research. First off, start with narrowing down by your preferred criteria such as area, distance, type of martial arts you want to train. A martial club in Cambridgeshire may also offer a free class trial, which is a good opportunity to check how you like this martial arts club in Cambridgeshire and do you want to continue visiting it.

Don’t Just Pick a Martial Arts Club in Cambridgeshire, Choose an Instructor

You won’t find a martial arts club in Cambridgeshire unless you don’t like working with the instructor or teacher. Therefore, when choosing a martial arts club in Cambridgeshire, make sure to pay attention to who is going to teach you martial arts and how you like their style of teaching. Your ideal instructor in a martial arts club in Cambridgeshire should be someone experienced, someone who knows what they are doing, and someone who has the right approach to all students, no matter their experience level, age, etc.

Choose the Right Location of a Martial Arts Club in Cambridgeshire

There is no doubt that when you are choosing a martial arts club in Cambridgeshire, you want to choose one that is conveniently located. If the martial arts club in Cambridgeshire you are planning to visit is too far from what is convenient for you, the risk of you finding reasons to visit it less often or stop visiting it is quite big. However, if the martial arts club in Cambridgeshire is close to your home or your work, you won’t have excuses to not go. Choose a martial arts club in Cambridgeshire that is close and you will save time.