Unite Martial Arts Academy
Imagine this: it is your first day at a martial arts school, you do not know what to expect, and you've just walked into the reception area. We understand how intimidating that could be. After all, we
Liverpool Kuk Sool Won
Kuk Sool Won is a systematic study of all the traditional martial arts, which together comprise the martial arts history of Korea. The traditional Korean martial art system of Kuk Sool Won was founded
Personal Martial Art Training
Wirral & Chester Taekwondo is a network of Taekwondo clubs in and around Wirral & Chester, that are affiliated to the TAGB (Taekwondo Association of Great Britain) and the BTC (British Taekwondo
The Martial Arts Studio
TMAS (The Martial Arts Studio) Aintree and St Helens are not just martial art gyms, they are an experience and a community. The unique facilities allow you to train and be trained in successful
Sefton Taekwondo
Tae Kwon-Do was introduced into the United Kingdom during 1967, but owing to subsequent political differences arising in Korea, first two then several competing groups came into existence. A number of
Woolton Goju-Ryu
Welcome to the Woolton Karate Club, which under the leadership of Sensei George Weston (5th Dan) teaches young students the traditional Okinawan martial art of Goju-Ryu karate. To arrange a first time
G.M.G Martial Arts
We believe it's should not be necessary to be able to do endless press-ups and sit ups to be able to participate in a self-defence activity it should be accessible to all people and at the moment we
Waterloo Judo Club
Progressing to the semi finals, she was drawn against the eventual winner, with Beth lasting longer into the match than all the other matches combined! Beth has trained as a junior under Billy Redman
Malvern Shotokan Karate Club
Malvern Karate Club is a Shotokan based Karate Club which has various locations within the Huyton and Dovecot areas. We are associated to the Karate Union of Great Britain (KUGB) which is the Largest
Matt Fiddes Martial Arts
Hi Im Mike and I am one of the youngest Master Black Belts in the UK. I have been practising Martial Arts with Master James since September 2004. I am a fully qualified instructor and I am dedicated
Wirral Taekwondo (Paul Woods)
Let's take a closer look at the meaning of the word "Tae" "Kwon" "Do." It is composed of three parts as shown in the English spelling, though it is one word in Korean. Tae kwon-do means "the right way
Superior Self Defence Wirral
Superior Self Defence Wirral is a partnership of 2 professional self defence instructors dedicated to bringing self defence to the masses, while helping people become more confident, gain a sense of
Wirral UKTA Taekwon Do
Wirral UKTA, established in 1995. The first Taekwon-do school in the country to achieve Sport England 'Clubmark' for ethical standards in coaching & management. We don't "do ITF style". A
Ladies Kickboxing Keep Fit
We will give you everything you want in one class - Kickboxing exercise (know as the most beneficial ever for toning and cardio workouts) we will encourage you to push yourself that little it further
Isami Ryu Karate Jutsu
Welcome to Isami Ryu Karate Jutsu, a well established Martial Arts club in St. Helens, Merseyside. We are a modern club with a strong base in traditional karate covering all aspects of self defence.
Nasskc Southport Wado-Ryu Karate
Free karate suit with every enrollment. Yes thats right if you enroll for any of our karate or kick boxing classes we will even give you your suit free of charge. Suits are provides in either black or
Liverpool Karate-Jutsu
Mike Dunn originally trained at Hartford Karate Club. He also was awarded his Black Belt (1st Dan Freestyle Karate-Jutsu), whilst training at Hartford Karate Club. Mike would like to thank Sensei
West Kirby Karate Club
Our Sensei is Jim Brennan (8th Dan) who has 40 years of experience of Shotokan karate. Sensei Brennan is a senior instructor with the KUGB - Karate Union of Great Britain. At West Kirby Karate Club we
Family Martial Arts
We have Martial Arts Academies in South Liverpool, Merseyside, Wirral, Chester, Crosby, Mold, Prescot and St Helens, and if you're looking for a Martial Arts Academy with a difference then you've come
Crosby Ju-Jitsu Academy
Welcome to Samurai World, formerly known as "Crosby Ju-Jitsu Academy", one of the most established martial arts schools in the North West, formed over a decade ago in Crosby, Liverpool. Here you can

You have decided to start training and learning martial arts. Now, the next big question is how to make sure you are choosing the right martial arts club in Merseyside. Indeed, there is not just one martial arts club in Merseyside and the selection could be a challenge. However, remember that not every martial arts club in Merseyside will be as good as you want it to be. Therefore, when picking a martial arts club in Merseyside, you want to take your time and do a good research in order to ensure you are really choosing the right martial arts club in Merseyside for your requirements and preferences. Remember, martial arts is not something you can simply learn by watching a few videos online, no matter how enthusiastic you are. Therefore, you definitely need a reliable and trusted martial arts club in Merseyside that will help you explore and learn more about the physical and mental aspects of different types of martial arts. Here are a few points you want to consider when looking for the right martial arts club in Merseyside.

Research a Martial Arts Club in Merseyside

No matter what type of service you are interested in, you always start with good research. Choosing a martial arts club in Merseyside is not an exception. In order to make sure you are picking the right martial arts club in Merseyside for you, make sure to narrow down all your options after doing good research. First off, start with narrowing down by your preferred criteria such as area, distance, type of martial arts you want to train. A martial club in Merseyside may also offer a free class trial, which is a good opportunity to check how you like this martial arts club in Merseyside and do you want to continue visiting it.

Don’t Just Pick a Martial Arts Club in Merseyside, Choose an Instructor

You won’t find a martial arts club in Merseyside unless you don’t like working with the instructor or teacher. Therefore, when choosing a martial arts club in Merseyside, make sure to pay attention to who is going to teach you martial arts and how you like their style of teaching. Your ideal instructor in a martial arts club in Merseyside should be someone experienced, someone who knows what they are doing, and someone who has the right approach to all students, no matter their experience level, age, etc.

Choose the Right Location of a Martial Arts Club in Merseyside

There is no doubt that when you are choosing a martial arts club in Merseyside, you want to choose one that is conveniently located. If the martial arts club in Merseyside you are planning to visit is too far from what is convenient for you, the risk of you finding reasons to visit it less often or stop visiting it is quite big. However, if the martial arts club in Merseyside is close to your home or your work, you won’t have excuses to not go. Choose a martial arts club in Merseyside that is close and you will save time.