International Linked Taekwon-Do
Kingsbury and Kenton Taekwondo teaches the traditional ITF style Taekwondo introduced by General Choi Hong-hi in the 1950s. Its senior instructors Keiron Henderson and Dipesh Mistri have trained in
TISKA Karate Mill Hill
All the above clubs were established in the past few years and are under the instruction of Mr C Gregory (4th Dan), who started karate at the age of 14. Our club members come from varied backgrounds
Harrow Martial Arts Centre
Through martial art training students in the Centre develop enough self confidence and self control to walk away from a potential fight. To fight, or hurt another simply to cover low self esteem is
Wu Shu Kwan
Trish Chang (7th Degree Black Belt), a senior master instructress and a Guinness World Record holder, chopping 4 building blocks to show the type of power that women can develop for self-defence.
Shaolin Kung Fu Gao
Welcome to one of the largest and most respected Shaolin Kung Fu schools in the world. Our style of martial art originates from the Shaolin temples in both northern and southern China, and is now
Daigaku Karate Kai
The London branch of Daigaku Karate Kai was started by Shihan Gavin Mulholland (6th Dan) in the late 80s and is now one of the strongest karate clubs in the UK. We practise Okinawan Goju Ryu - a
Sattva Karate
We're a family friendly Karate club that welcomes people of all ages and experiences, everyone in the family can take part. The sole purpose of our Karate club in Harrow is to help the art of Karate
Qwan Ki Do
The QWAN - KI - DO Martial Art method was founded in 1981 in France, as a result of over 25 years research work accomplished by one of the most prestigious experts of Martial Arts: The Great Master
Aikido Alive London
Aikido in a living relationship, traditional yet modern, Aikido Alive London meet the needs of our body and mind, soul and spirit, in an integral and evolutionary context, blending the art of Aikido
Kenshukai Karate
Here, you will find information about the background of our club, you'll learn about some of the benefits from training in karate, and you'll see our London locations & fees. If you are new to
The Martial Arts Place
Led by Russell Cronk and William Lai, the team of instructors at The Martial Arts Place have all have been professionally involved with martial arts for over 20 years, competing at national and
Phoenix Karate School
Phoenix Karate School is dedicated to cultivating the individual excellence of each of its students. Herein the students learn skills and values necessary to develop their personal best, so that they
Pinner Aikido Club
Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art, very different from disciplines such as Karate, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Kempo and Krav Maga where there is emphasis
Musa Martial Arts
The Musa Martial Arts Academy provides the highest level of training and professionalism for the study of Martial Arts. Through comprehensive teaching we encourage students from all backgrounds
Association Of Ki Aikido
Aikido promotes calm and alert behaviour, even under pressure. We have taught policemen and security guards who have used Aikido techniques effectively in their work. In addition, the ability to
Harrow Aikido
Aikido is a reletively new Japanese Martial Art. It has it's roots in Ju-jitsu so it has some similarites with Judo without all the hip throws. It's a defensive system so there's no emphasis on
Willesden Sports Centre
Master Lee, the founder, has been studying martial arts for 29 years and has built up an extensive knowledge within all of the styles. On his journey he has achieved numerous black belts and Master
Premier Family Martial Arts
Through high quality martial arts instruction we empower people of all ages to achieve their full potential. By emphasizing self-defence, health, fitness and life skills in a friendly, safe, positive
SAS Martial Arts Academy
Master Andrew has an excellent reputation and his teaching skills are legendary. We have branches in Highgate & Southgate (North London) Leyton (East London), University College London. New branches
TISKA Harrow
Gursharan Sahota was born in 1960 in Kenya, East Africa, but has lived in Bedford, England, since he was 12. He took up Karate at the age of 14 and was awarded Black Belt 1st Dan (Shodan) four years