International Linked Taekwon-Do

Kingsbury and Kenton Taekwondo teaches the traditional ITF style Taekwondo introduced by General Choi Hong-hi in the 1950s. Its senior instructors Keiron Henderson and Dipesh Mistri have trained in Korea and with past students of General Choi. KKT's Brunel University affiliate is run by Dr Daniel Morris.

Our clubs aim to instil confidence in students through the teaching of Taekwondo with its range of proven and effective self defence techniques. We put a lot of time and energy into planning our classes for all ages, in which we encourage our students to aim for the best they can achieve.

As experienced instructors with a combined 35 years of martial arts training and teaching we intend to improve our students' fitness and flexibility and share the passion for our fighting art which we feel has given us all so much.