Harrow Martial Arts Centre

Through martial art training students in the Centre develop enough self confidence and self control to walk away from a potential fight. To fight, or hurt another simply to cover low self esteem is completely against the true martial way. The members of the Centre train hard, but do so in the true spirit of martial arts. No matter why you are here- to learn self defence, to get your black belt, health and fitness, to be the next Karate kid or cage rage champion, the Centre's masters have enough expertise to take you where you want to go in martial arts.

We are a Not-4-Profit organisation. Our aim is not to make money, but to teach martial arts, and many of us teach for free in the Centre. Of course, regretfully we still have bills to pay, and so all lesson fees, money from the hire of the hall, and sales from suits and equipment, goes towards the upkeep of the Centre.