Stratford & Chipping
TAGB / BTC approved First Aid courses have now been arranged. The courses are open to 2nd kup (Red belts) and above, and the youngest that candidates can attend is from 14 years of age. Each course
Martial Arts Rugby
Tadashii Do tranlates to "Righteous Way" and simply refers to making the right choices. In life we are often confronted with situations which require us to make a decision which can have a large
Bulkington & Bedworth Taekwondo
Our Children's Tigers Tae Kwon Do class follows a detailed curriculum that focuses on improving your child's basic life skills, actions and ideas. We work hard to teach your child how remember and
Warwick Taekwon Do
Kal Uppal started training Tae Kwon-Do in the early 1980's to mid 1990's. He fell in love with this form of martial art due its beauty and philosphy and the devastating power a human can develop. Tae
Combat & Exercise Centre
The Combat and Exercise Centre in Nuneaton is the most comprehensive full time Martial Arts facility in the UK today. It features classes in all major aspects of effective Martial Arts, Fitness and
Leamington Spa Tang Soo Do Class
The primary purpose of the British Tang Soo Do Federation is to deliver the benefits of a healthy lifestyle supported by both internal (benefiting organic health) and external (benefiting muscular and
Warwickshire Wado-Ryu Sport Karate
The Warwickshire Wado-Ryu Sport Karate Association was founded in the late 1980's by Dave Powell after the Amateur Martial Arts Association (AMAA) was disbanded and its member groups went their own
Rykyu Association Of Karate & Gung-Fu
Membership of the Association is annual and provides the benefit of insurance, gradings and various national and international training events with numerous high graded instructors from a wide
G Force Martial Arts
G Force Martial Arts is a leading Martial Arts and kickboxing organisation that offers classes for toddlers, juniors, adults and ladies only. We teach Martial Arts In Rugby, Daventry, Coventry,
Health First Gym
Get your child into physical activity and channel their energy. In this class you learn to implement the moves you have done to pass your belts. Most adults begin to spar after passing their first