Canton Martial Arts
This seminar we will be covering foot work for sparring, along with certain combinations that will help you over come your opponent. Foot work is the number 1 key factor when it comes to sparring, so
Kicks Eastbourne
Kickboxing is an excellent route to whole body and mind fitness for women, men and children. The average calorie burn is 5-600 per hour for an average weight adult, and the combination of mental and
MSK School Of Martial Arts
At MSK School of Martial Arts we are a school that covers all aspects of martial arts so there is never a lapse in your training. With our professionally run, full time martial arts venue, we have
Mushinkan Okinawan Karate
Our dojo is tucked away in the sunniest town in England, Eastbourne. Our teachers have over 40-years experience between them and create a very friendly and safe environment for students aged from 5 -
Kissaki-Kai Karate Academy
GAIN CONFIDENCE.Martial Arts is about much more that punching and kicking its about personal development, dignity, courage, honor and leadership. With the correct martial arts training you will feel

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