Mushinkan Okinawan Karate

Our dojo is tucked away in the sunniest town in England, Eastbourne. Our teachers have over 40-years experience between them and create a very friendly and safe environment for students aged from 5 - 95! The style of karate we practice originates from a small island off the coast of Japan called Okinawa, and both our teachers and students visit the island annually to train with the Masters. If you decided that karate was something you might like to try, then you would be guaranteed a warm welcome and a programme tailored to your level, with friendly students who, like you, started knowing nothing or very little.

Many people start karate for different reasons; many students come to us looking to boost their self-confidence or simply to learn a new skill.

Karate is for both the body and mind, and our aim is for it to become a way of life that will always stay with you and help enhance many aspects of your overall well-being.