Junsui Shotokan Karate Do
The club is run by Chief Instructor Steven Beresford 4th Dan and is assisted by Sensei Carl Shovlin 1st Dan and Sensei Lee Haywood 1st Dan. We teach traditional Shotokan Karate but with elements from
The Karevo Fitness Studio is equipped with commercial fitness equipment including Spin Bikes, Stairmaster Machine, Natural Runner, full range of Kettle Bells, Power Clubs, Kegs, Battling Rope, Hex
Machine MMA
Machine MMA & Fitness Centre is owned and run by people who know what it takes to run a modern gym. Come and join us and see why everybody is talking about Machine MMA & Fitness Centre. Machine MMA &
We are a shop dedicated to the wonderful art of Taekwondo. You will find we offer the leading brands in Taekwondo suits and sparring equipment. We offer products for the beginner, established fighter
Darlington Boxing
Darlington Boxing and Martial Arts Academy is in the North East of England in Darlington, County Durham. We opened in 1996 and we have been running successfully ever since, keeping people fit and also
Chungdokwan Kim
PalJungDo created by The World Mudo Academy based on the principles of oriental philosophy and oriental medicine. The oriental medicine uses breathing methods to strengthen the internal organs so,
The Lab MMA Gym
Our MMA Fitness class enables people to train as a UFC fighter without getting punched or kicked! The workouts are designed to increase strength, power, endurance and injury resistance, using