Impact Amateur Boxing Club
Impact Academy is a new martial art and fitness centre in the heart of Croydon. We run a wide range of activities which include Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing, Boxing, Circuit Training, Kettlebells and Muay
Sutton Martial Arts Academy
Angela aka RELENTLESS or otherwise known as THE TECHNICIAN started her martial arts career with Brian Dossett and Sean Raynsford at the age of 16. Training in Ju-Jitsu, Spirit Combat and Kickboxing
Whitelight Kung-Fu
Whitelight Kung Fu combines the Northern Chinese kicking techniques with the Southern Chinese hand techniques to bring about an effective and balanced style of self defence and all round fitness. The
Nhat Nam
We would like to invite all to study an ancient Vietnames martial art Nhat-Nam. Whether you are looking to train martial arts yourself or thinking to engage your children in a sports activity and
Future Taekwondo Surrey
The club caters to people of all ages ages and abilities, and we hold 6 open classes per week to ensure that no matter how busy your schedule may be you can always find time to train. We make sure
Kung Fu Schools Sutton
Welcome you have arrived at your complete source for leading edge martial arts information. Kung Fu Schools Sutton is backed by Kung Fu Schools one of the leading Martial Arts schools in Southern
Established in 2012, Absolute Martial Arts has quickly become one of the most popular and successful kickboxing clubs in the South East. Experienced qualified instructors offer you the highest
Bu Jutsu Ryu Karate Do
Martial Arts are a means of self-defence that requires concentration, effort and positive attitude. It is also a method of physical and mental conditioning and by nature is a very goal oriented

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