Bangor Martial Arts
EBMAS - Emin Boztepe Martial Arts Systems is a martial arts organization combining Wing Tzun and Latosa Escrima under one roof. EBMAS is being taught in multiple schools in over 50 countries around
Our clubs have been very successful in coaching students to world and international success and also havea superb track record developing children's self-confidence, motor skills and physical
Martin Acton Aikido Institute
Since 1988, Master Martin Acton has been studying, practicing and teaching Aikido in Japan with the top Masters. He is originally from Northern Ireland but left when he was a teenager to live in
Peninsula Martial Arts
At Peninsula Martial Arts, we provide comprehensive, age-specific martial arts training programs for students of all ages and capabilities. We are dedicated to providing every student with the most
Robson Family Karate Centre
If you are looking to learn a Martial Art that is suitable for beginner or advanced Martial Artists, Robson's Family Karate is the place for you. We have the perfect Martial Arts program for you.
Holywood Tae Kwon Do
Taekwondo is an ancient, striking martial art which hails from Korea. The art teaches philosophy and history, but also teaches self-defense, encourages fitness and teaches blocks, strikes and kicks to