London Shaolin Weng Chun Kung Fu
An effective evolving Chinese self defence system and healing art, that is taught to the elite police and military units around the world, and can be studied and enjoyed for many years by both men and
5 Element
According to legend Wing Chun originated in China around 17th century from a Buddhist nun called Ng Mui. Ng Mui was one of the 5 elders who survived the attack and burning of the Sil Lam Shaolin
Real Taoism Studio
We teach traditional Taoist Life Arts such as Hun Yuan Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Cheng Ba Gua Zhang and Authentic Yang Family Snake and Original Middle Frame. Practising one of our Life Arts programmes for
Cordao De Ouro London Capoeira
Cordao De Ouro Capoeira classes in central london next to Old Street tube Station and walking distance from Shoreditch, Moorgate, Barbican and Liverpool Street Stations. Classes are with Professor
Classical Wing Chun (Islington)
Sifu Aldo offers classes in Wing Chun Kung Fu in North London. Traditionally known as Ving Tsun Kuen (Wing Chun Fist), Wing Chun should always be used primarily for peace of mind, a way to connect to

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