Martial Arts Preston
Well, at Martial Arts Preston we think so. For every one of our Instructors, Staff, and Students, Martial Arts has been a powerful, positive force for change. But it's important that YOU can determine
The Daolin Centre
The Daolin Centre is a group of people who come together to practise and preserve the heritage of Chinese martial arts and to promote a greater understanding of the arts of Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung
Preston Kickboxing
The Warrior Gym is home to the Northern Combat Martial Arts Association which provides provides authentic, Chinese martial art instruction for students of all ages and abilities. We are based in
Buckshaw TaeKwonDo
At Buckshaw TaeKwondo we pride ourselves in producing the very best students and Black belts possible, our Martial Arts students are encouraged and developed in a positive environment. Our classes
Northern Combat Martial Arts Association
Provider of Chinese martial arts systems including Sanshou, Kickboxing, Wing Chun, Chinese Boxing, Qigong, Shuai Jiao. Train either for fitness and conditioning or for competition in a variety of

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