Worthing Kung Fu School

We have been teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu in Worthing since 1997 and in Arun since 2010. During this time we have gained a reputation as a friendly, approachable school with a desire to share the knowledge of our art with anyone who wishes to learn.

You may be wanting to try a martial art for the first time and have an image of what a Kung Fu school will be like or you may have been training for years and have seen it all. Teach Me Kung Fu Schools brings together students of all ages and from all walks of life and teaches them a life skill of self defence in an environment which is stimulating, engaging, encouraging and inclusive whilst also being structured and disciplined.

We have a proven track record with children with learning and behavioural difficulties. In some cases, children who have been diagnosed with conditions such as ADHD and Aspergers have been reviewed after attending our classes as their progress has been so positive.