Tang Sou Dao
Tang Sou Dao is a Chinese martial art which teaches practical self defence. We focus on footwork and evasion, blocks, and hand and leg techniques. Learning Tang Sou Dao can give you immense benefits
Safari Martial Arts Centre
Whether you are new to martial arts or more experienced, we have something for you. All of our sessions are offered in fully segregated training area's, so women train with women, and men train with
Chelsea Karate Club
At Chelsea Karate Club, we teach and practise Shotokan karate, the most original style of karate that's taught professionally and academically. Shotokan karate is known for its linear movements and
The Budokwai began as a Judo club and offers classes in Judo throughout the week. We also offer regular classes in Shotokan Karate, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu and Aikido as well as Hontai Yoshin Ryu Ju-Jitsu
Nick Wood Martial Arts
Nick has always wanted to continually learn and challenge himself through study, training and competing. On top of that he is an Instructor in Krav Maga, Kick-Boxing and Muay Thai. As much as Nick has
Simon Lau Centre
My name is Simon Lau. I was born in China and from a young age educated by Buddhist monks. I truly believe that the minds that co-ordinate the activities of violence can co-ordinate the activities of
Taekwondo Tigers
Taekwondo is a martial art and combat sport from Korea. Hence, Taekwondo is translated as the way of the foot and hand. Taekwondo's popularity has resulted in the divergent evolution of the martial
Gracie Barra Knightsbridge
LĂșcio Rodrigues, also known as "Lagarto" (Lizard in Portuguese), is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competitor and instructor. Lucio holds a 3rd degree Black Belt under Carlos Gracie, Jr., who awarded him his
Martial Fitness
Drop in and be part of the new standard in martial fitness, the key to looking and feeling your best is regular exercise. At Martial Fitness, we give you the best in fitness and martial arts training.
Smouha Karate
Based in central London, Smouha Karate School offers karate classes for kids (aged 5-17 yrs). Students are trained in the philosophy and style of traditional Shotokan karate. They are taught a variety