Tang Sou Dao
Tang Sou Dao is a Chinese martial art which teaches practical self defence. We focus on footwork and evasion, blocks, and hand and leg techniques. Learning Tang Sou Dao can give you immense benefits
Chi Combat System Wimbledon
Chi Combat System successfully combines all that is useful from all of the major styles that are known today. If you like the fluidity of Kick-Boxing, the mastery of Karate, the close-range-defenses
Nhat Nam
We would like to invite all to study an ancient Vietnames martial art Nhat-Nam. Whether you are looking to train martial arts yourself or thinking to engage your children in a sports activity and
Kung Fu Schools Wimbledon
At Kung Fu Schools Wimbledon, you will find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere with a great learning experience for your child. Through our Kung Fu Classes, we offer a wide range of teaching
KickFit Martial Arts Schools
With Kickfit Wimbledon Karate your little one will gain confidence, improve motor skills, learn to pay attention and follow directions, plus gain a positive ôI can do itö attitude. Children
Tooting Karate Club
Tooting Karate Club is proud of it's lineage which can be directly traced back to the founder of Goju Ryu Karate, Master Chojun Miyagi. In this section of the website, you can find out about the
The Holistic Fitness Studios
I would like to welcome you to one of the UK's leading martial arts, health and fitness organisations. Our aim is to offer you excellent quality and varied training, as well as complementary services
Cassar Academy Of Choi Kwang Do
Morden Martial Arts is considered the BEST in London! Choi Kwang do is considered the most effective martial arts system in the world. It uses a natural, easy-to-learn, self defence system with
Semokwan Hapkido Academy
Semokwan Hapkido Academy was established in 2002 with the idea of bringing a working self-defence system to the community of Clapham SW4, Battersea SW11 and Balham SW12. Its growing success is due to
Karate Jutsu Kai
Founded by the renowned Kancho Bernard Creton (9th dan), the style strives to provide a system of self defence with traditional values. In Kancho Creton we are fortunate to have a lineage, which leads