The Edge Martial Arts
The Edge Martial Arts specialises in sport kickboxing in Gloucester, this is a very unique martial art that has been developed using the most effective aspects of a wide variety of styles, this makes
Bukindai Karate
Bukindai Karate-do was established in 1986 & has taught thousands of students throughout the years. Our experienced instructors have everything needed to help you reach your personal goals. Whether
BKMO Krav Maga Gloucester
The British Krav Maga Organisation is an association of affiliated schools that will stretch across Europe. Each trainer will be vetted, approved and trained by the B.K.M.O in teaching an authentic
Kicx Martial Arts
If you are looking for a facility that is all about results, then you should check us out. First and foremost we are a Personal Development Studio that helps people achieve there goals. You may be
Churn Valley Kickboxing
CVK is a member of the Cobra Martial Arts Association (C.M.A.A) one of the largest national supporting bodies. We welcome men, women and children (7+) of all ages and abilities. You will find that we
Kiryoku Kai Karate
Our aim is to share our passion with you and to inspire you to achieve your true potential. There are no time limits on gradings, you take them when your instructor feels you are ready, andnot every
DynamX Freestyle Kickboxing
We believe that Martial arts is not something that can be bought for an ‘all round price'. It should be something shared from master to student. Our success is not measured in our pocket through
Heslop Taekwondo Cheltenham
Heslop Taekwondo Cheltenham's Instructor Mr Alex Heslop is a 4th Degree Black Belt who has been practising Taekwon-do since 1/11/2001. He has had the opportunity to train under a number of different
Samurai Martial Arts Cheltenham
Our karate classes are friendly and welcoming with many black belts to help children of all ages and adults settle into the world of martial arts and karate. Our Karate clubs offer introductory free
Deadly Martial Arts Wear
The WUMA Federation was formed in 1989 and now boasts of over 1,000 schools within the UK and over 60 member countries. We host our own British, European & World Championships since 1990. See our