Peacehaven Martial Arts
We are a family run club specialising in teaching traditional Southern Chinese Martial Arts. Suitable for all ages and abilities, from complete beginners through to experienced practitioners you have
Steel Fist Martial Arts
We at Steel Fist offer martial arts, self-defence and fitness classes suitable for all ages and welcome children and adults from 6 years old and upwards in a fun and friendly environment. We aim to
Scriven Family Martial Arts
Our team of highly skilled professional instructors have spent many years working within the martial arts and fitness industry. Their experience will help you achieve your goals in a constructive and
Martial Arts Brighton
Brighton and Hove Taekwon-Do School welcomes all to learn this excitng and dynamic martial art. Whether you are a complete beginner new to martial arts, just want to get fit, learn some basic self
Martial Arts Brighton
Taekwon-Do is a modern art of self defence developed in 1955 in Korea. Taekwon-Do has grown in popularity and today is taught in nearly every country in the world. It is greatly renowned for its
Kicks Martial Arts Centre
Chris Kent has been teaching in Brighton since 1975. He became known in Sussex for quality instruction in both Wado Ryu Style Karate and Full Contact Kickboxing. As with most martial arts clubs,
Sama Brighton
Unlike many martial arts groups, boot camps or gyms etc all of our classes are pay-as-you-go. This gives our parents and students great flexibility when it comes to attending classes. If for any
White Crane Fighting Arts
Tiger Crane Combination Kung fu System (Hu Hè Shuang Xing Quan) and the White Crane Soft Boxing system (Shuang Yang Bai Hè Rou Ruan Quan) were believed to originated from the southern Quanzhou
Children's Martial Arts Brighton
Our children's program will teach your child core values such as discipline and respect. By starting at an early age, they will develop positive habits to last a lifetime. We believe in bringing out
The Choi Foundation
The Choi Foundation is a national Blue Ribbon award winning Self Defence Martial Arts School based in Brighton and Hove. We offer classes in a friendly, supportive and non-competitive environment with