Legacy BJJ
At Legacy Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy we are committed to approaching each student as an individual whilst offering a complete program that includes fitness, technical training, live sparring and
London Wing Chun
London Wing Chun is your guide to finding the best Wing Chun classes in London for you. London Wing Chun is built by people who study Wing Chun in London. London Wing Chun will bring you all the
1 Life 1 Body
Over the coming weeks we will be adding new articles to our site all written by some of the best Personal Trainers, Physiotherapist's, Nutritionist's and Sports Masseurs along with articles from top
London Fight Factory
The London Fight Factory is a world renowned mixed martial arts gym and we train everyone from complete beginners to professional fighters. If you are interested in learning martial arts such as
Ty Ga Karate
TYGA International governing body was founded by Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski. For men and women, boys and girls worldwide. Regardless of Nationality, Race, Creed or martial art style politics. TYGA
Bob Breen Academy
The Breen Academy emphasises true functional stand-up combat. Grounded in Jeet Kune Do, Kickboxing, Kali-Eskrima and Filipino boxing. The functional essence of each of these arts has been distilled