Martial Art World
Martial Art World is proud to support and work with many local schools within in the Andover community. We have provided complimentary workshops for over 30 Andover and villages schools with many
Andover Karate Club
Mushin Shotokan Karate Club is a small but friendly Karate club that is a member of the British Traditional Karate Association. Our style of Karate is Shotokan which is considered to be one of the
Grove Martial Arts
Grove Martial Arts is an independent, non-profit making, Karate club. We practise the traditional Okinawan style of Goju Ryu as the all-encompassing self-protection system it was originally designed
Fighting Falcons
Martial Arts can be a powerful and positive influence on the individual and through the individual the community around them. The aim of our school is to develop confident, highly motivated and
CMA - Combart Martial Arts
Here at CMA we practice Mixed Martial Arts, a combination of combat martial arts; some reference classical systems while others modern, but all focused on practical combat training for real world
White Horse Judo Club
Operating in Didcot, White Horse Judo Club provides judo instruction to children and adults throughout Oxfordshire and the surrounding area. Established in 2003 the Club has many years of experience
Hampshire Self Protection
Instructor is a Black Belt, fully qualified in Knives & Edged Weapons. Enhanced CRB Checked. Qualified in Sports First Aid, Safeguarding and Child Protection. Also trained in MENCAP Learning
Bluewave Korean Martial Arts
Bluewave Korean Martial Arts aims to provide the very best instruction and facilities for Taekwondo and other Korean Martial Arts to the Basingstoke Area. The club started in 1997 by Master Gerry
Shin Gi Tai Karate
Shin Gi Tai is a fantastic Martial Arts club aimed at anyone from total beginner to Senior Black Belt. For anybody looking to try self defence be it for fitness or as I do for self protection they
Wallingford Karate School
Karate is for everyone. Whether you're large or small, young or old. We train ages 4 and up. Whatever fitness level you may be. You will learn how to defend yourself and gain self-confidence. Keeping