Unique Kickboxing
We look forward to seeing you at the Unique Kickboxing Fitness Centre + Fight School soon. If you have any questions regarding our classes, upcoming event or any other information please feel free to
Medway Park
Medway Park offers swimming facilities for all. Alongside the pools is a tiered seating area for spectators of recreational swim and competitive events. Free swimming for Under 16s using the city card
Gravesend & Medway Martial Arts
Martial arts training will show you that you have abilities you never thought you possessed. Every single student who trains at our classes will show and feel a big increase in confidence and self
Chum Kune Do is a Eurasian Martial Art, founded by Master Clifford Hyde-Gomes. Chum Kune Do is also known for awakening of knowledge. The fighting method is taken from the streets and was created by
Medway Muay Thai
Being the only Muay Thai club for miles around, we have people from all over come and train with us, including professional MMA fighters. We have also been lucky enough to host seminars with World
Krav Maga Kent
Thank you for visiting our website, we hope it has added to your interest and curiosity about Krav Maga. Now the only way to truly experience what the Krav Maga Academy offers is to visit us and come
BBMA MMA / Kickboxing / Boxing
BBMA K1 KICKBOXING BOXING is midways leading all-round martial arts training gym we offer a wide range of classes for all ages from our Preschool 3-5-year-olds class, family classes, 5 years plus,