PCSBD Tang Soo Do
Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art focused on self-defence. Providing a total body workout benefiting increased mobility, strength, power, flexibility, stability, coordination,
Karate Club Essex
Our students range from 4 years -70 years old, with as many female as male students attending. Whether you train for fitness, self-defence, modern day competition or all of the above, whatever your
Energize Kickboxing
Their martial arts background is based with Masters Academy in Debden, The academy is run by joint chief instructors Mathew Chapman & James Evans-Nicolle & in respect to their instructors the girls
Spartan Taekwon-Do Academy
A School where traditional Taekwon-Do is taught. We have two Dojangs to train in, situated in two sports complexes with ample parking and excellent facilities. Our newest is a purpose built MMA gym at
Wakarishin Jujitsu Association
All of our instructors are CRB registered and all parents are welcome to stay and view their child's ongoing progress. Across all of the club locations the classes are structured to allow students to
Reikan Karate Club
We strongly believe in a family friendly club, somewhere not only the students feel welcome and at ease, but the parents and extended families of our students. We welcome visitors and people are free
Masters Martial Arts
Our goal is to help you experience all the positive results of training in martial arts. Regular training will help you become fitter, more lean, toned and healthy. You will feel more confident and
Shotokan Karate Ryu
What is known is that Dharma, a monk from India, was staying at a Shao Lin monastery in China where he taught his students a physical training discipline in order to build strength, endurance and
Yushikai Karate Academy
Yushikai Karate Academy is Billericay's most popular Martial Arts facility. We focus on offering the most professional training available, in a fun, exciting environment. Our students develop skills
Billericay Jujitsu Club
New students should wear a t-shirt with tracksuit type trousers until they progress to a gi. Each week the students start the evening with exercises to improve physical fitness and also aerobic work