Total Defence Kenpo Karate

Taking a class from Total Defence in Paignton, is your chance to get into great shape, improve your health, flexibility and fitness whilst at the same time learning a new skill that is current to today's increasingly volatile environment. We are not a traditional Mixed Martial Art, self defence or Karate club.

We are however, a practical and devastating self-protection system that is tailored to you, no matter what your age, previous experience or fitness level. Our instructors are British Kenpo Karate Association (BKKA) approved experts in their field who realise that everyone has their own pace and method of learning.

No matter what your age, fitness or ability you will be sure to receive a warm welcome and patient instruction in a fun and friendly environment. No matter if it is your first try or you are a returning old hand, we are sure that the most difficult part of joining our class will be taking your first step through the door!