The Luton School of Judo
The club instructors include national and internationally experienced black belts, medallists and champions in many levels and categories. Together with studies and experiences of boxing, karate, unarmed combat, kendo, a qualified weight training instructor, a community sports leader with the Central Council for Physical Recreation; this represents a comprehensive and formidable font of knowledge and ability. Courses and seminars through the governing bodies, the Luton Sports Council and Sports Coach UK enhance our instructors’ knowledge and abilities.

Grading are held throughout the year at club, area and national level, and together with a licence is a nationally recognised award. Competitions at area and national level gives those who whish to the chance to compete and test themselves in a formal contest situation.

The club also has a structured system of self defence which uses many of the techniques familiar with other martial arts and, which in turn, supports and enhances the judo aspect of the training programme.

Linking these together with the throwing and grappling techniques of traditional and contest judo ensures a high standard of ability in all those who train and practice regularly at the club.

All our instructors have qualified through national courses, hold first aid certification and are CRB cleared.

Putteridge High School & Community College.


Primary and Junior (5-15 years) 19:00-20:00 / Seniors (16+) 20:00-21:00.


Primary and Junior (5-15 years) 19:00-20:00 / Seniors (16+) 20:00-21:30.