Systema South West

Russian Systema once a secretive military martial art, now brought to Exeter, Devon, by Systema Sout West and its head instructor Mr Andy Seatherton. We would like to encourage you to come and try a Systema class, in order to experience Systema training first hand. Below we have provided more information about this unique russian martial art, our club Systema South West based in Exeter, Devon and our instructor Andy Seatherton, so we hope to see you soon.

Russian Systema is a unique, military origining, russian martial art. Once confined to the tactical and Special Operations Units of the russian military, it has recently been brought to the worlds attention and freed from its secretive teachings in the russian armed forces, by the likes of Colonel Mikhail Ryabko and his top student Master Vladimir Vasiliev.

Systema South West was the first russian Systema training school in the South West of England.