Shinobi Kai Ninjutsu Martial Arts

No previous knowledge, skill or ability needed for the study of Ninjutsu. We welcome new beginners to all our classes, we welcome all martial artists and other Ninjutsu practitioners from all organizations to get in touch to share knowledge and help each other achieve more, that's what its about in the end, helping each other not hindering each other. Part of Ninjutsu is to attain "jihi no kokoro" (a benevolent heart) or "kajo-waraku" (a strong compassionate heart).

The Shinobi-Kai is an independent Ninjutsu organisation who's martial arts self defence (defense) training is based on the studies of Peter Brown Sensei (Kancho) and Mark Lutman Sensei, both who have trained in the Bujinkan and Genbukan and have both received Shodan by Hatsumi Sensei and Tanemura Sensei.