Essex's Premier Martial Arts Schools

Training in WingTsun Kung Fu helps you build a set of self-defence skills. These skills will not only help you defend your from physical confrontation, but also look at avoidance through gesturing, as well giving you a fun way of exercising. You'll also improve strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and agility. Martial arts training offers many benefits to men and women of all ages. Leadership can be translated in many different forms from problem-solving to taking charge of multi-million pound deal at work.

Having the confidence to make the next move up in career or making that step towards the person you find attractive. Training in WingTsun helps you gain confidence training up through the student levels, interacting in class with different people. And martial arts training encourages you to challenge your comfort zone. This success can then be translated into other parts of your life whether that be at school, home or at work. Motion creates emotion.