Cross Krav Maga Academy
We cannot live in denial and have to accept times have changed… and so has the type of risks and threats, as well as the level of lack of respect and lack of discipline in today’s society. My company CROSS Protection Services is doing its utmost to develop and supply types of training aiming to keep frontline professionals as well as civilians alive.

We have to evolve with the times, so we are constantly monitoring media and pressure testing all we teach to help anyone survive the types of threats and assaults that are sadly becoming a part of everyday life.

It is a self-defence survival system that is based on Krav Maga that is designed to encourage the individual to use what works for them. We are all different in our size, strength, speed, agility. Cross Krav Maga is designed to help even the odds between you and your attacker, it teaches key survival skills and how to react if attacked utilising flinch responses, it will rapidly develop an awareness of what self-defence works and what doesn’t.

We look at the perspective that will it work for me if I was a woman of 8 stone, this way we are not learning to fight force with force, as there are always someone stronger than you, we use mindset, redirection and attacking the attacker to deal with what threat confronts us, and to ideally escape and get home safe.