Clan Combat

Owned and operated by MMA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Brian Fernie- based in Livingston and Edinburgh. If you're a combat athlete, martial artist, boxer or MMA fighter- professional or amateur- you need to train with us! Has a varied background in sports having studied and practiced traditional and sport karate for a number of years before and during his time in the Military. He has also competed in triathlons, boxing, basketball and running covering all levels from novice to semi -professional.

Brian and his team have trained fighter's from all martial arts backgrounds from amateurs to world champion's has worked with a variety of individuals and teams inclusive of; EMAC, Wolfpack MA, Duel Samurai, Team Parente, LM-BMMA, Fauldhouse ABC, Fighters Den, Broxburn ABC and Clovenstone ABC and Elite blackbelt academy. Brian has put together a unique team of combat sports specialists, who cover all aspects of combat sport strength and conditioning.