Aikido Torquay

The International Budo Fellowship club is a community club, with instructors and officials giving their services on a voluntary basis. The purpose of the club is to promote the teaching of Aikido and Self Defense, with additional benefits to members' health and fitness, self confidence and self discipline. The club is open to all and aims to be inclusive. Members safety is paramount, our instructors are trained, the activities set are appropriate to individual members abilities and the health and safety of our venues is reviewed regularly. The President of our club is Hanshi Phil Bradley (9th Dan Atemi Jutsu, 9th Dan Buki Kogeki Yodo Jutsu, 6th Dan Karate, 6th Dan Aikido, 6th Dan Judo), who has a distinguished record as a martial artist and who provides us with guidance and support. Aikido was developed in Japan during the 20th century. Based on traditional samurai techniques it is a defensive art, using blending and the attackers own strength to overcome them.