PCSBD Tang Soo Do
Tang Soo Do is a traditional Korean martial art focused on self-defence. Providing a total body workout benefiting increased mobility, strength, power, flexibility, stability, coordination,
Tring Martial Arts Academy
Tring's Kids Martial Arts classes, known as Kickbox Kids™, is a safe, non contact martial arts class designed for children aged between 4 and 10 years of age. Kickbox Kids™ will improve their
4Performing At Summer Fetes5All Students Have A Chance To Show Their Skills6Emily Demonstrating Kata7Three Of Our Black Belts Performing Team Kata8We Cater For All Ages - Everyone Is Welcome9Brown and
Loong Ying Dragon Kung Fu
Loong Ying (Dragon Style Kung Fu) is a powerful fighting system whose origins can be traced back to the Shaolin Temple in southern China. As well as being an effective self defence system, the style
Luton Jujitsu
Our club teaches International Atemi Ju Jitsu which involves all aspects of Ju Jitsu. Throws, take downs, grappling, sparring, hold down techniques, various kicking and punching combinations are all
Ukti Martial Arts
At UKTI Martial Arts, we teach 9 different styles combined into one based around Master H John VII Degree unique style of Martial Arts based around the scientific Art of TaeKwon-Do using the center
ECKA Karate & Kickboxing
Sensei Jo I took up martial arts after a friend was attacked. The club has a diverse range of students age 5 upwards, all fitness levels all achieving personal goals throughout their time with the
Harpenden JKA Karate Club
Your SEO optimized title If you want to learn karate, come & train with Harpenden JKA Karate Club. We are affiliated to the world renowned Japan Karate Association which is proudly "Keeper of Karate's
Luton Taekwondo
Luton TaeKwon-Do is a new but fast growing martial arts training group based through out Luton. At Luton TaeKwon-Do we strive to give you the best training experience martial arts in Luton. Our
Luton Higashi Karate Kai
Based in Luton, we have been established for 20 years and the standards set at the club are of the highest level. Luton Higashi is ranked among the top clubs in the UK and Sensei John Hurley is the