South West Wu Shu Kwan Chinese Boxing Club
We are a local, friendly Chinese Boxing club and meet in Thornbury South Gloucestershire (just north of Bristol) and Cardiff to teach the progressive and structured martial art of Wu Shu Kwan. Wu Shu
White Lotus Martial Arts
Your training will include self defence techniques, pressure points 'atemi', throws and breakfalls, breaking techniques, control and restraint techniques, weapons training and all aspects of
Black Dragon
The Bristol Black Dragon Kickboxing Club was founded in 1998 by Rita Ogden and offers a full range of disciplines including semi contact, light continuous, full contact, sparring weapons and creative
Karl James Tae Kwon Do
Taekwondo translates to 'The Art of the Foot & Hand'. It is a Korean Martial Art which although having roots in the ancient Orient, was developed to its present form in the middle of this century.
Bristol North Taekwondo
We teach TaeKwon-Do; a Korean martial art and self-defence/fitness system which can loosely be described as a cross between Karate and Kickboxing. We train 6 nights of the week at three locations
Bristol Ki Aikido
Founded in 1982 by Wasyl Kolesnikov the K.S.M.B.D.A or Kolesnikov's School of Mind and Body Development with Aikido aims to study mind and body coordination through the study of energy both static and
Shouri Shotoryu Karate
Shouri Shotoryu Karate can trace it's roots back to Gichin Funakoshi ( the founder of modern day Karate ) and maintains it's links with those early methods. The style emphasises the development of the
Bukindai Karate
Bukindai Karate-do was established in 1986 & has taught thousands of students throughout the years. Our experienced instructors have everything needed to help you reach your personal goals. Whether
BKMO Krav Maga Gloucester
The British Krav Maga Organisation is an association of affiliated schools that will stretch across Europe. Each trainer will be vetted, approved and trained by the B.K.M.O in teaching an authentic
Kobushi Judo Club
We hope that this site will give you the opportunity to keep up to date with our club and its activities. In brief, you should know the following about us; this judo club has been in existence in the