Black Dragon
The Bristol Black Dragon Kickboxing Club was founded in 1998 by Rita Ogden and offers a full range of disciplines including semi contact, light continuous, full contact, sparring weapons and creative
Puma Martial Arts
Young or old, male or female, Taekwon-Do can give you discipline, respect, and self-confidence. And it's not just for those who are already super-fit athletes! If you have the strength to move and the
Kicking Dragons Martial Arts
Welcome to Wiltshire's number one club for Martial Arts, Master Deedigan Martial Arts Academies. Master Deedigan the Chief Instructor at the club has been running classes in Wiltshire for over 30
Kobushi Judo Club
We hope that this site will give you the opportunity to keep up to date with our club and its activities. In brief, you should know the following about us; this judo club has been in existence in the
VT JiuJitsu
At VT Jiu Jitsu, we offer you the very best in Martial Arts training, from beginners to professionals. We are the first and only club in Chippenham to specialize in the exciting area of MMA and Combat
Spartans Gym
Spartans Gym is family run business which aims to always offer a 'family friendly' environment. At Spartans we pride ourselves with our friendly approachable atmosphere that has been created by both
Tiger Martial Arts
Our company philosophy is simple: Be the best possible role model to your students, provide the highest quality martial arts tuition, and unabashedly - keep them coming back for more. I can clearly
Bath Kung Fu Academy
The Bath Kung Fu Academy is pleased to offer professional step by step instruction for men, women and children of all ages. We guide you from complete beginner to advanced practitioner and pride
Kali Sikaran Bath
KALI SIKARAN has its roots in the Martial Arts of the Philippines and the Southeast Asian countries. This is represented by physical capability and warrior spirit where the practitioner trains both
Bristol North Taekwondo
We teach TaeKwon-Do; a Korean martial art and self-defence/fitness system which can loosely be described as a cross between Karate and Kickboxing. We train 6 nights of the week at three locations