Southern Freestyle
We have a spacious bag and mat area, also a boxing ring which can set up, as well as a weights room. We teach practical day to day skills necessary to produce MASSIVE CHANGES IN YOU & YOUR FAMILY. We
Aldershot Karate Club
We run three small, traditional and friendly clubs teaching Wado Ryu karate, which is a Japanese martial art. The emphasis is always on quality, and not quantity of student. We are non profit clubs
Kaizen Karate Academy
We affiliated in 2004 with Longford Karate in Wales and Chief Instructor for Longford Karate, Sensei Marten Hughes to form a very strong Affiliation (Longford, Kaizen, Karate Do Wado). To teach good
Precision Martial Arts
Here at Precision we teach practical day to day skills necessary to produce MASSIVE CHANGES IN YOU & YOUR FAMILY. We are one BIG, happy family and with safety as our primary concern, you are in good
Ard Schools Of Kickboxing
Looking for a friendly boxing and kickboxing gym offering a wide range of classes from World Class instructors? Or personal training to accomplish your goals? Whether you're a complete novice or a top
Aldershot Karate Club
The Aldershot Karate club was formed in 1978 by its current senior instructor Sensei Barry Wilkinson. The club is a member of the England Wado Kai karate association which boasts a membership of 50
Swift Fox Taekwon-Do
Taekwon-Do (TKD) is a dynamic Korean martial art that combines hand and foot techniques and provides the practitioner with an effective method of self defence. Training provides a total body workout
Eagle Claw Kung Fu
SiFu Williams has been training consistently in martial arts since 1989. He started teaching his own classes aged sixteen and has now been teaching for eighteen years. He has trained in various
Pil Sung Do
FREE trial class for all first-time students Book your FREE trial class today and get a taste of the benefits you will be enjoy at Pil Sung Do. There's no commitment or cost at your trial class, so
Camberley Judo Club
For over 30 years Camberley Judo Club has been one of the UK's top judo clubs. A totally unique judo club we have programmes for everyone from children through seniors to elite athletes competing at