Crewe Bujinkan Martial Arts
The Bujinkan Gouin Dojo strives to bridge the gap between traditional martial arts and modern self-defence. By understanding why the techniques are practiced the way they are, we are in the fortunate
Congleton Aikido Club
Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed by Morihei Ueshiba (often referred to by his title 'O Sensei' or 'Great Teacher'). On a purely physical level it is an art involving some throws and joint
Victoria Judo
Professional tuition from professional instructors. Broaden yours or your child's life skills with this superb Martial Art using simple self-defence techniques that work for both children and adults.
Voodoo Gym
Our reputation is that of creating a welcoming, family feel about the gym supported by a great team and facility. We love to help people achieve their personal goals and experience something special
National Martial Arts
Founded in 1992, we are a non-profit organisation, with a dedicated and highly trained group of instructors, teaching and training students of all ages, a variety of martial arts. This includes
Malpas Tae Kwon Do
Whitchurch, Malpas and Oswestry Tae Kwon Do School is family run by T.A.G.B. instructors, and caters for the needs of all ages and abilities. The Korean Martial art of Tae Kwon Do will help you
Stockport Shotokan Karate
Take this opportunity to learn the art of karate from one of the most talented teachers to emerge from Europe. At the end of the 4 week introductory period students are expected to have purchased a
Ip Man Wing Chun
Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu is the style of Chinese Martial Arts passed down by Great Grandmaster Ip Man. It is a famous southern style of Chinese kung-fu with a history dating back over 400 years. Ip
K O A T Education
Keumgang Academy of Taekwondo and Black Belt School of Excellence was established in 1996 by it's founders and Master Instructors, husband and wife team, Masters Alan and Caroline Platt. Between them
Cheadle KickBoxing Club, Stockport
Cheadle Kickboxing club has a number of children who train with us. Kickboxing can be a daunting prospect for the children and their parents, so adults and children are usually split into two separate