Yangshen School Of Chinese Boxing

Looking for Martial Arts classes covering TaiJI (Tai Chi) or XingYi (Hsing I) for health or self defence? This club has been operating continuously in Stockport, south Manchester since 1991. The focus of the classes is, and always had been, on quality instruction to dedicated students. Classes are small and informal. The Instructor is Steve Forde, with close to thirty years of Martial Arts experience, Steve is one of only a very few teachers in the north of England, that can actually teach TaiJi as a Martial Art.

As anyone can claim to be a Martial Arts teacher (membership of national bodies is all too often subject to the payment of a fee rather than on any serious assessment of knowledge or skill) it is important you look for someone with real knowledge and experience. Unfortunately there are many people teaching Tai Chi who have done nothing more than a short course themselves. It's important that you get quality instruction to gain the real benefits that Tai Chi can provide.